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The leaders and innovators in business, the arts, and fashion who are making significant change in the world today are profiled in the Paris Issue. We exchange important narratives and innovative concepts that help to shape our culture and widen our horizons.

We highlight outstanding photography, creative endeavours, artists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who are at the vanguard of Paris’ evolving scene through our digital magazine.

We want to shine a light on those taking the risky steps to help define future trends and the enterprises of tomorrow in the fields of fashion, lifestyle, architecture, education, music, cinema, and cuisine.

If you would like to contribute to our digital magazine, and have your work promoted in our new digital covers, get in contact with us here: magazine(at)

(Please note that we are unable to accept all submissions and will review as many projects as we can for inclusion. If you are a business/ organisation and want a sponsored cover, please see our advertising page for more information. Thank you for your understanding.)