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L’Oréal announces minority investment in micro-printing startup, Prinker Korea Inc

© Zohre Nemati

L’Oréal reports that its corporate venture fund BOLD Business Opportunities for L’Oreal Development has made a minority investment in micro-printing firm Prinker Korea Inc. Multiple CES Best of Innovation honours and the esteemed international iF Design Award have been given to their temporary tattoo products.

Prinker Korea Inc., a company that was founded in 2015, is the creator and manufacturer of the first digital temporary tattoo product in the world. The company hopes to excite customers and provide them with new means of self-expression. L’Oreal Brow Magic, an award-winning product that was just unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, is the result of years of collaboration between L’Oreal and Prinker. It is the first portable, electronic brow makeup tool to give users the most accurate brow form.

The device scans the user’s face and recommends the optimum brow form, which is then instantly produced in a matter of seconds using unique AI algorithms and augmented reality technology. This technology provides a flawless finish that is simple to remove during the day.