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L’Oréal receives triple A score for environmental achievement for 7th consecutive year

© Muhammad Tayyab

L’Oréal has earned a spot on the annual “A List” of the global environmental non-profit CDP for its environmental leadership, corporate transparency, and actions to combat climate change, maintain forests, and ensure water security.

L’Oréal is one of only 12 businesses out of over 15,000 that received a triple “A” grade based on information submitted through CDP’s 2022 Climate Change, Forests, and Water Security questionnaires.

It is widely acknowledged that CDP’s yearly environmental disclosure and grading procedure sets the bar for corporate environmental transparency. Through CDP’s platform, in 2022, more than 680 investors with assets worth over US$130 trillion and 280 significant buyers with US$6.4 trillion in procurement spending asked companies to disclose information on environmental impacts, risks, and opportunities. An unprecedented 18,700 businesses responded.

The CDP uses a thorough and independent methodology to evaluate these businesses, assigning a grade from A to D- based on the extent of disclosure, awareness of and management of environmental risks, and display of best practises associated with environmental leadership, such as setting challenging and important goals. An F is given to those who don’t disclose or provide insufficient information.

As part of its L’Oréal for the Future initiative, the L’Oréal Group has established challenging goals for the year 2030. This programme focuses on three pillars: changing who they are, strengthening their business ecosystem, and helping to address global issues.